Church Leadership

What is Eldership

The word “presbyter,” from which the name “Presbyterian” is derived, is a New Testament word, often translated as “elder.” Knox, as part of the Presbyterian Church, is a church ruled or governed by elders. Our sixteenth-century Reformation forebears, who included among their number John Calvin and John Knox, believed this to be consistent with the early church, as testified to in the New Testament.

Historically, the eldership’s task of seeking the fruit of the Word in the people of God has tended to consist of three main elements; pastoral care, discipline and spiritual oversight.

The office of eldership is a form of spiritual leadership, of which prayer plays a significant part. Prayer and pastoral care go hand in hand.

Discipline in a church context, is concerned with the formation of disciples, of people whose lives are ordered by the gospel.

Spiritual oversight is exercised by the elders. This involves duties and responsibilities that fall under the category of leadership and governance. As such, when the elders (Session) meet, they do so as a body of spiritual leaders concerned for building up the body of Christ and advancing the mission of the Church.

2017 Session Members

Provide governance and spiritual oversight

Marcell Mey
Rob McIntosh (Session Clerk)
Alex Rodger
Tina Hudson
Laurie Christian
Rudy van Baarle
Joy McIntosh
Sharon McColl
Graham Tennent
Leigh Tennent


Session Clerk: Rob McIntosh

Board of Managers (BOM)

Management of finances and building to meet the mission of the church

Tom Robertson Chairperson
Yvonne Randal Treasurer
Annette Grindlay
Marcell Mey
 Rudy van Baarle


Serving Elders Not on Session or Board of Managers

Peter Gush
Erin Cassidy
John Grant
Ian Fyfe
Maureen Rodger
Graeme Gainsford
Lesley Grant
Edith Kubwimana
Colin Salisbury
Paul Westbury
Liz Pa’u
Yvonne Randal
Annette Grindley
Jo Logan

Elders - Retired

Ken Wortley
Russell Cody
Lois Westbury
Terry Hore
Blair Valentine
Colin Fenton
Phyllis Richards