As many of you will know our trip to Turkey last August to start excavation work was cancelled by the Turkish government due to the terrorist attacks in Istanbul airport and then a few weeks later the attempted Coup against President Erdogan.

After the coup Erdogan invoked a “state of emergency“ which gave him immense power he wouldn’t normally have as President because it is largely a ceremonial role.

It was first believed this State of emergency would only last 3-6 months and then things would go back to normal and we would be able to resume our project.  We are working through the ministry of Antiquities and have regular contact with them.  They had indicated we should be able to start in May/June this year.

Unfortunately in April Erdogan extended his “State of Emergency” indefinitely and appears to be trying to change the Turkish constitution to retain power.

We are in Gods hands now regarding timings but are still hopeful things will settle down and his ban on our work [and others] will be lifted.  The good news is we have a multi- year permit for the excavation so when we start hopefully we can carry on and complete the project.

I appreciate your prayers and support and will further update you once things become clear.  If you have any questions you can email me at

Rudy van Baarle

PO Box 30 195 Lower Hutt

04 569 6125 or 0274 412 218